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My Estes Saturn V The USS Atlantis projects have been fun, but now I am setting the Atlantis projects aside for a while to concentrate on one of my other rocketry interests...Scale! Eventually, I hope to feature all kinds of interesting information for the scale rocket modeler here, but for now and for starters, I would just like to share some photos with you. Nothing will attract my camera more than a well-built scale model at a launch, and here you'll see some of what caught my eye, as well as some of my own scale projects.

(Click on the photos to see the full-size versions!)
Bob Wiersbe's Classic Centuri Little Joe II
You don't find many of these around anymore, much less anyone with the guts to fly this rare kit. But I do have one thing to say about NIRA's Bob Wiersbe, he's got guts, and he LOVES scale! Here Bob is contemplating whether or not he really should fly his rare Centuri Little Joe II
Hooking Up The Igniter... This kit has been out of production for almost 30 years, and was one of Centuri's flagship scale kits. Here Bob hooks up the igniter.
Posing For The Pre-Launch Photo... Of course, before he flew this Gem, I just had to have Bob pose with the rocket. Launch! LAUNCH! This was the start of a beautiful flight for the Little Joe as well as a successful recovery. Thanks Bob for bringing this classic to MRFF 98 so we could all see it!
Ric Gaff's HV Arcas Ric Gaff of NIRA hooking up his Aerotech HV Arcas scale model. Putting The Arcas On The Launch Rod... Here Ric is sliding the Arcas down over the launch rod.
Posin' for the Pre-Launch Pic... Once again, the pre-launch pose... High-Velocity ARCAS! ...then a beautiful flight on an Aerotech F White lightning motor!
Really High-Velocity ARCAS! As long as we are on the subject of the Arcas rocket, here's a picture of a FULL SCALE Arcas from the 1998 National Sport Launch held in Muncie, Indiana. Kevin Wickart's Astrobee 500 Kevin Wickart is also really into scale modeling. Among the many scale subjects he has modeled, the Astrobee 500 is one of the most unusual. He has modeled this rocket in several different scales, from a mini-bird up to the D-powered three-stage version he is prepping for launch here. This one actually stages!
Apollo-Soyuz Saturn 1B If you know me at all, you'll know I am into Saturns. Here is the launch of my Estes Saturn 1B. If you are looking for the black fuel tanks, you won't see them here, this model was painted in the color scheme of the Apollo-Soyuz test project round. Almost Looks Real! Is it real? Just a shot to show you how a small f-stop and a realistic camera angle can make this Estes Mercury-Atlas appear almost real. One of my favorite scale rockets to fly, I modified the kit to use clear plastic fins.
My D-Region My D-Region Tomahawk is 1:2.25 scale, four inches in diameter. This is the workhorse of my high-power fleet having flown on H-242 motors almost 15 times now. I first became interested in this rocket when I saw the George Flynn article in a newsstand copy of Model Rocketry magazine my father brought home for me... I Love Saturns! What's scale without the mighty Saturn V? Here is my Estes Saturn V at launch from MRFF 98.

Sidebar: My Estes Saturn V on a D-12.
Photo by Kevin Wickart

More Scale to Come...

Of course when we talk about scale, we have to plug a classic Sirius Rocketry ad....another one of those done in the Amiga days...

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