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This page contains some computer-generated art I created on my Amiga Computer. Click on the thumbnails to download full-size versions of the images. Enjoy!

This first image was the poster/button image I created for Eat Cheese or Fly 95, a sport rocketry fun-fly I attend every year. This image was created with some foam rubber (the cheese), and an Estes Little Joe II model digitized and processed on my Amiga, then overlayed on an image of Earth.

ECOF 95 Logo

All images (c) David J. Miller

Rendered Ship Over Earth These images were created with Real 3D on Amiga 1200. The spaceship is a complex 3-D model I am still working on... Rendered Ship Over Mars

Here is the ship over Mars.

Rendered Ship Over Saturn And the same rendered ship heading toward Saturn. ECOF 96 Button In 1996, I used 3-D softwareto render the poster/button image for Eat Cheese or Fly 1996, this image is the image that was used for the participant's buttons.

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Stay tuned--as always, more to come!