More Atlantis Photos!
This page has been added due to the requests for more Atlantis Photos. I hope you find these interesting. Future plans include adding construction photos of the U.S.S. Atlantis as well!

Far left: Maiden launch of the Atlantis B at MRFF '96! This flight was on the Aerotech 4-jet J hybrid motor. (Photo by Mark Kotolski)

In the air!
Left: Another view of the Atlantis B's maiden flight, this one taken by the camera of Mark Smeiska. Note that there is only the slightest hint of exhaust visible from the hybrid motor.

Right: Atlantis lowered gently to earth on a large parachute. Note the orange drogue chute as well as the extra long shock cord. (Norman Heyen photo)

A safe recovery!
Atlantis A on the pad
Left: The original Atlantis A on the pad ready for another flight. The orange flags mid-body are connected to the recovery system safing circuit, and are removed just before launch.

Right: A shot showing the detail on the underside of the Atlantis B
Atlantis B bottom details
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