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2006 Update: Wow! I remember the early to mid 90's when about all that was affordable was a black-and-white handheld scanner! Someday I'll put higher-res versions of these photos up and in color, but for now, more nostalgia as this page is presented in its original monochrome glory!


Here are some more rocketry pictures. Click on the icons to view larger versions of the photos.

Me and my Archer

Here's a photo of me with my first high-power rocket from a few years back, a North Coast Rocketry Archer.
(Mark Eastman Photo)

Archer at Liftoff

The Archer just after launch!
(Mark Eastman Photo)

Front View of Atlantis #1

Here is a nice shot of the original Atlantis. This model weighed in at about 13 pounds at liftoff and flew several times on I-284 and 4-jet Hybrid J Motors. An article I wrote on the design, construction, detailing and flight of this particular model can be found in the November 1995 issue of High Power Rocketry magazine.

Prepping Atlantis

Prepping the Atlantis B. On the stand-the main body, on the ground- the payload section. Prepping this conplex model takes several hours.

Me and the Atlantis B

I am most proud of the latest model in this series, the USS Atlantis B, here shown before it's maiden flight on an Aerotech J Hybrid at MRFF 96. Built a bit stronger than the original, this model weighs in at 16.5 pounds at launch. The model contains an ALTS-2 altimeter and an ECS 2-B radio system for ejecting the drogue and main parachutes.

my Classic Estes Saturn V

Hooking up the igniter clips to a classic Estes Saturn V kit. As a kid I watched the moon landings on TV with wonder, and the Saturn V moon rocket is a favorite of mine.

A Classic 1/70 Estes Saturn IB

Out of production for a number of years, I just had to fly this Estes Saturn 1-B on a cluster of four C motors. This is one kit I would like to see again!

Another Classic: my Estes Mars Lander

Another kit I'd like to see again, here is the Estes Mars Lander. I still have to fly this model once in a while for kicks!

Aerobee launch

Lawrence Bercini had a nice staged scale Aerobee at MRFF 96, here shown at launch.

HPR Airstart

A nice airstart caught just after ignition of the smoky airstarted motors!

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