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Here you'll find some more rocket photos. Some are of my projects and some are of others. In the future I will be adding on to these photo pages, so stop by occaisionally to see what's new!

My D-Region Tomahawk Scale Model My Saturn V PMC
Left: My H-Powered Scale D-Region Tomahawk. Right: My Monogram Saturn V Plastic Model Conversion

Side View of AtlantisAtlantis 2 LaunchAtlantis 2 'n' me
More shots of the Atlantis and me. Center: first launch of the Atlantis B!

"Eat Cheese or Fly" render
Not so much a rocketry photo as a rocketry-related photo, just here because I created it and I like it. This was the logo for the Northern Illinois Rocketry Association's annual high-power launch last year, called "Eat Cheese or Fly" since it was held in Wisconsin. I rendered this on an Amiga 1200/030/882/50/50 with Real 3D rendering software.

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